The Blanket

I started a crochet blanket about 15 or so years ago in my school colors. I had quit working on it so I could work on other projects or my life at the time was so busy, working on the blanket was not a priority.  The blanket was put in a bag and put away. It has moved with me over the years and still stayed in the bag. I would see it and think I need to finish the blanket. It stayed in the bag.

I have made at least 6 blankets or more over these years for several babies, friends and family.  I have created dream catchers for family and friends or some other gifts. I continued to avoid the blanket for me. I am not sure it was a conscious thought to avoid the blanket for me or it was just that it has not been that important for me to finish the blanket for me.

Each creation that I have made is filled with love and giving to others these gifts are from my heart. So with that said, I am 54 years old and have made the decision to finish my blanket. Reflecting on the words I have written, I see how many years I have put myself on the back burner. A lot of times it is not intentional, time seemed to get away from me. Something else was more important. Yes, somethings are more important, but giving myself care is one thing that should be a priority.

Yes, I know you are saying “A Blanket,” Yes it’s a blanket and if I say so myself it looks awesome. I am almost finished, that is I may have it completed in two weeks. There is still a lot of yarn left and I want to use it up. It’s my blanket.  With every row I crochet, I get closer to a complete blanket. It is big and soft, it’s warm and snugglely. I used to joke that when I finish this blanket it will cover me in my casket. Well I am determined to finish the blanket so I can enjoy it.

Think about the one thing in your life that has been left on the shelf or in the bag.  What is the priority in your life. I understand if there are children in your life, but 15 minutes a day for yourself is not much to ask. Doing something you love that the children could help you with.  So get it? Self-care, My Blanket! Loving me enough to put me first. I know we have been raised to be self-less, but a little selfishness is not a bad thing. Women are the worst, so I am speaking from experience. This not to say men are not selfless. “People,” need to care for themselves.

I know that I have preached this before so I am just doing a check-in. Take time to think about if you have been good to yourself lately. Have you done something you want to do? Are you feeling good? Are you working on your blanket?  Will it be done so you can enjoy it? I will keep you posted about my blanket and I may even take a picture when I finish. I should show it off because I am proud of it.

“Work on your Blanket.”

Lunatic Fringe Forever!

5 thoughts on “The Blanket

  1. Hey,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Not sure if I have sent this request before.

    I am scheduling Mental Health Awareness re-blogs for the month of May, can I share a blog post of yours that’s related to the subject in any way.

    Your words can help educate the readers on the subject and give validation to the ones traveling in the same boat.

    Thank you! 🙂


  2. I have shelves and shelves of self-less projects; back burner projects waiting for me. Very insightful, Felicia.

    Sometimes I’ve tied the lunatic fringe around my waist/waste to avoid losing myself in the fog .

    I joke that 6 years of studying Fine Arts taught me how to buy and store art supplies for all those “just in case” projects. My casket will be quite full if it all goes with me.


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