Surviving Winter

It has been the ugliest winter, I think the grey has been looming over the Midwest for so long I am surprised and giddy over any sunshine. I have spent way too much time in the house watching TV.  Nothing good comes from watching TV, I feel like a zombie. Id lily sitting on the couch flipping channels.  No real purpose just something to do until Spring.

I have talked about Seasonal Effective Disorder before so I am not going to bore you with that again; however, know that it is a real thing and be aware that with all this cold and grey and snow and rain depression and anxiety is possible.

Now for the real rant……..

I am so sick of snow and rain and grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My driveway looks like a mud run track. I live in the country and all the gravel has been washed away. Thank God for 4 wheel drive. There is no place to walk where I am not walking in mud or slipping on leftover ice. Somehow my hiking boots that I had in my laundry room has disappeared, just vanished. I think they have been abducted by aliens. It’s possible. Trust me, this place is somewhat remote and there is stranger things that happen.

I have lived where there has been cement and sidewalks up until 6years age. Don’t get me wrong I love living in the country, on this dead end road with 85 acres around me, but give me some dry land to walk on. I know that it is Mother Nature who has dropped this on us and as the weather people say, “It’s the Midwest we never know exactly because we get dumped on from all sides!” Bullshit it’s “Global Warming!” Yes let’s blame the real reason. OK I know just throwing it out there. Science of weather and geology and earth issues is not my expertise, but little knowledge can be dangerous.

Anyway, I digress, MUD…..I remember as a kid I couldn’t get enough of it. I was dirty all the time. Now I try desperately to avoid it. I own a Jeep and it looks like I just got done mudding and trying to get in or out of it without getting dirt on me is a joke. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life would I believe I would have to get gravel estimates. What is that? Who does that? Literally, who does gravel. I have no clue.

I know it is not only me who has that one thing that has turned into an obsession during this Winter. You know that one thing that has made you think about everyday. The cold, the snow, praying that the Sun will come out, shoveling, looking a the weather reports to see what the day will be, the aches and pains alerts. F%$& that don’t tell me that I am going to hurt more than I already do I don’t need an alert I know what’s coming before any other person. You know, that knee that acts up when it’s going to rain, the migraine when the barometric pressure changes, your hips, hands, back, ankles any of those joints.

If you are not depressed by now or angry I am glad. The nice thing is that all of this is temporary. It may be a longer Winter than we expected, but in the depths of our brains there is a light, it’s small right now, but as soon as the Sun is shining for more than one day all will change. The blossoming will happen, the trees and flowers will bloom and we will smile and laugh and joy will sweep across the land. Too much? I thought so too.

If nothing else I can dream.

When we get through this, the next will be Summer……

Here is the good, the ground is getting the needed water for the crops to grow. There is beauty in seeing the ground covered in white and the trees glow and shine when they have that thin layer of ice on them. Sometimes we take for granted the beauty in all things even mud has it’s good points.

Lunatic Fringe Forever

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