In The Car

I was driving to an appointment today just talking to myself. I like to think that God has his ears on or at least an angel picked up the phone. Sometimes God may be busy so the switchboard takes up the slack, Angel #1 line 3, Angel #8 line 7 and then there are those Red Phone ones that needs God’s immediate attention. I just see the long rows of a switchboard with angels wearing headsets.

I digress, I was driving in the car talking, had my phone in plain site so it looked like I might be talking to the phone if someone passed and saw me just jabbering along. You know that you would laugh if you saw someone’s mouth moving and no one was in the car with them, I bet you have laughed. I personally wave at people when they are looking at me especially if I happen to be singing and dancing as I am driving.  I realized that I do my best thinking and problem-solving when I am driving. I only wish I had a secretary to record all my genius because God knows some of the things I think are amazing, ingenious and some are absolutely funny. I crack myself up.

I realize that I could solve the world’s issues, no, but I would try. I know that I was in my nice world thinking about all the things I want to do today and get started but then came the traffic. Have you ever noticed when your driving down the road at the speed limit all is clear then some jackass hits their brakes for no apparent reason and you feel as though your stomach has entered your throat because you really don’t know if you brake the car won’t slam into the jerk or that the person behind you isn’t going to ram you in the back. Then I cussed, “God bless your stupid ass”, “where did you get your driver’s license,” @$%&. I hate that because all I want to do is get where I was going. (In one piece.)

As you can tell I made it and in fact made all the green lights once I got into town. So on the way back I resumed my conversation. Admittedly, I have no shame about talking to myself; however, it’s perspective, some may believe that talking to yourself out loud is odd, questionable, but for me it’s a way to resolve some issues that are bothering me. I can hear myself say things that otherwise go unspoken because I refuse to burden someone with things I know I can fix. And since I know “someone” is listening I can fix it.

So talk to yourself, keeps others guessing!!!


One thought on “In The Car

  1. I love you, so very much and I so believe this is so very healthy of what you are doing. Also give me a insight on how you look at things. Yes you may be a little crazy however I do find you unique and so funny and fun. You crack me up.


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