It’s a New Day

Hi everyone, this is the day I will be adding videos to my site!!!

So I need to let you know now that there are 16 videos going up today and as I make new ones each week I will add them. Today maybe some overkill, but I am working on the new version of my blog site and I hope to have a new and improved presentation. I am really excited so please bear with me as I am under construction.

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Something is in the Water

OK, so I think there is something in the water. For some God knows reason, it is baffling me that there is not a universal outrage with all the killing going on. Have we become so comfortable with our own existence that we completely disregard that there are billions of people being killed every day.

That is harsh! I know, but 19 children, 2 teachers, a grandmother and a husband. Not to mention the Ukraine situation. Have we become so dis sensitized to violence that we have given away our souls. There has to be something in the water. I have no other explanation for the blah-say atmosphere. This will sound really out there, but I feel it. I feel an aura of complacent indifference. Have we become a culture that is only interested in getting their own 15minutes of fame posting on Tik-Tok that the rest of the world can go fuck itself. What is wrong with us.

I have Facebook, but I refuse to have tik-tok. My Facebook is filled with empowerment and love. I choose to use my profile, my writing in the advancement of kindness and love. I also want to allow people into my story, to show through my words what I experience living with a mental illness. I am dumb-founded by the violence and total disregard for human life. What the Fuck!!!

I am ranting today because I am trying to wrap my head around the indifference. Trust me I am not trying to be “Holier than thou” I just am frustrated. I look at the blatant corruption of our government. The career politicians getting rich off our backs, the justice system taking rights away from women and the total lack of truth. Then on top of that 19 beautiful innocent children are gunned down like shooting fish in a barrel. They never had a chance. Am I the only one mad.

I know I am not the only one mad, for sure, but why WHY is some stupid bimbo or DIY or what ever the lasted trend on Tik Tok getting more views then the outrage of people about ALL the bullshit happening. Oh how wonderful social media is, but we don’t talk to each other any more. Our children have no concept of talking. “Just text me,” NO I want to hear your voice and look you in the eye and hear the words coming out of your mouth!

I am crazy all by myself and truly we have all had enough stress in the last several years. The time has come to re-emerge from the darkness and bring the light to all the shit we have let slide by because of circumstance. I got my activism bug from my Momma, it is her fault. I was very comfortable being a silent warrior, but now I am tuned in. I have been joking with my husband that I want to run for President. Can’t do any worse than what we have had in the last 6 years.

Felicia Hall for President!!! I am the poor man’s candidate, I live on disability and medicare as does my husband, I am educated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and I am honest, really. I hate liars and I believe that there is no room for beating around a bush.

OK that is my schtick! Love just love and be kind. My heart breaks for the families who lost their children and the children that lost their parents. How many children have to die before we get really pissed off and do something.

There is something is the water, it has made us numb to everything. I hope the Koolaide tasted good because I have a really bad taste in my mouth!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!!!!

On A Day Like Today

Woke up at 5A.M. after falling asleep in my recliner. Went to to my bed and slept for three more hours just so I would feel like getting something accomplished today. On a day like today, the sun is shining through the haze of wild fire smoke, blowing in from the west. My cat is napping on the bed two feet from me and I can hear her gentle purring. Drank my first cup of coffee and am headed to get the second.

On a day like today, I should be out enjoying the warmth of the Spring, but of course there a the bills to pay and groceries to buy, but in my mind I am sitting by the lake reading a good book. Responsibility sucks especially when the day is calling. On a day like today my creative side is screaming to do something, anything. Paying bills is not really creative.

On a day like today the phone continues to intrude on my life. The problem is I can’t turn it off because I am alone and my husband is away. I can only hope to turn off the notifications so that it is not beeping repetitively. On a day like today the phone needs to thrown out a window. There is nothing so important that needs my attention.

On a day like today, the most important thing that needs attention is me. I want to write, I want to rest, I want to rearrange my cabinets, I want to go shopping, I want to do anything but the obstacle is my body. There is no cooperation. My mind is full of ideas and my body is broken. On a day like today I can only work slowly then stop. I want to achieve, I want to feel the gift of this day.

On a day like today complaining is counterproductive. But I live in a shell of a body that will not do what I need it to do. Yes, I have heard all the wonderful encouragement saying, “It is OK to take your time, be proud of the things you can do, and there is no shame in slowing down.” On a day like today I remember the strong body, the things I could do before the broken, and I become frustrated.

On a day like today there is no place for frustration! On a day like today I am grateful for being able to dream, accomplish anything. To be here in this moment to share. I remember that I believe in “Everything has a reason!” On a day like today I am hopeful, maybe one person will relate and know they are not alone. On a day like today I am determined to be happy even if I only can get one thing done.

On a day like today, Fibromyalgia will not win. It will not take my joy. On a day like today I will take my time, I will rest when I need to and I will do what I can. I will not allow my condition the power over me.

On a day like today, I WILL SMILE! Knowing I am doing the best I can.

Lunatic Fringe Forever……..

I lost you

I lost you

I never thought you would ever leave

I love you so much

I don’t know how to grieve

I wasn’t ready for you to go

it’s not right

I am hurt and alone

I know you were tired

I know you are better

I just feel dire

I lost you

my heart is broke

my mind is confused

I am in a joke

We will meet again

Somewhere in time

Until then I remain

To share in your memory

Cry when I need to

And to continue to love gracefully

Just like you Mom!!!!!!

*Dedicated to my “Other Mother” I love you Donna

Lunatic Fringe Forever

Started Something New

I’m doing “Live” videos on Facebook. Every Sunday I am doing informational videos, talking about “life.” Well I started with what it means to be a human being? I talked about the argument of evolution vs. creation. The history of humankind etc. Next Sunday I am looking at the Nature of Humans or Human Nature in regards to Is it Nature or Nurture?

The videos will become more focused on psychological subjects, but for now I am trying to lay the foundation. I try not to be preachy and just present factual information. I told my audience that the videos are to provoke thought and to inform.

I feel like in the world right now with the stress we face it may be a good thing to give people some needed support and try to give a more “Universal” view of the world around us. At least I hope that will happen.

I know that is good for me because I am doing a lot of research and it helps me consider several different points of view. I feel that even if I can touch one person or give needed information that I am doing something. God knows!!!

Wish me luck, I have had some really good response this far……

Lunatic Fringe Forever…….


So I was pondering in the shower the other morning.

The concept of perception.

I have been told over and over again that “That how I see any given situation is my Perception.”

OK, that is a true statement.

However, given that I have a Mental Illness what happens to my perception?

I know that there are times when the chaos in my brain can play tricks on my perception.

But I have spent the last years working with skills I have learned to calm the chaos.

Then I thought that I am told how good I am doing. Yeah me!

But then I don’t agree with someone else’s perception of a situation. OOOOO NOOOOO!

So then I am seen as the one with the flawed perception.

How is it that someone can see my improvement, know I am working hard to overcome the obstacles that I struggle with as symptoms of the Mental Illness, and I am doing so good, but my perception of any given situation is WRONG? “That is my perception.”

How does this work?

I am not allowed my own opinion, I am not supposed to express the feelings I have about a situation in my past that may be a “brick wall” I am trying to break down?

Because I see what happened in my past differently then another person may see it means because I am the one with “THE PROBLEM” I am the one that has the skewed perception?

I know I was taught to express myself factually, just use the facts of a situation and use I statements. OK, did that, but still after a logical, factual expression of the situation……


Yes it is, but that is what happened!

So if it is my perception, and my perception is skewed, so really I am not truly able to perceive correctly, but your perception of the situation is different then mine, but you don’t have a skewed perception, but that is not really happened. How is my perception wrong?

I feel as though I will never be seen as any more than a mental illness. That because I may not agree with the perception of others, I will be always seen as having the inability to interpret a situation clearly or be seen as having a skewed perception even if I know that my mind is clear.

Who makes the rules?

How long is the re-perception reload take?

Does it come with a user’s manual?

Can I find a YouTube video?

I don’t get it, am I just destined to be locked in the “Mental Illness” universe forever???????


By the way, If someone, anyone tells me “that is my perception!” I will truly have a earthquake of perception. FUCK!

Lunatic Fringe Forever……………….

I Miss You

There are people in our lives that are special. They have touched our hearts, our minds, they have let us cry or scream, they have sat with us in our quiet times and laughed with us. Then they are gone. Taken to a “better” place. Or have moved away. Or they have betrayed us. But deep inside they are missed. They took root in our hearts and in our minds. There is no way to turn that off.

I miss my grandmother, she died in 1993. She was my protector, my shelter, my Gram! She always knew what to say to me and she never walked away from me even when I was in my darkest days. She was my warm hugs, my put my head on her lap crying while she rubbed my hair. She never judged me and gave me so much love. And now when I need her the most she is gone. I still talk to her, I wake up every morning to her picture on my vanity. We are smiling and I remember when that picture was taken. I was living in a homeless shelter with my son because I had gotten away from an abusive man. Gram stood by me and always loved me. I miss you.

I have kept phone numbers of people I have lost. In fact, my sweet Sr. Mark passed away last year and I still have her contact information in my phone. I know it is silly, but I CAN’T delete it. I miss her. She was my “Red Phone” to God. If I needed prayers for anything she had me covered. Sr. Mark was my dear friend and became another person I knew I could depend on when I needed someone to listen. She was tough and she never let me get away with anything. I remember admitting to her that I was suicidal and had gone to the hospital because I harmed myself. I think that was the first time I have ever seen her cry. That was the worst feeling ever knowing I disappointed her. But she gave me a stern talking to and made me promise to do better. I told her I would try and I did. It killed me that I was not able to see her before she died because of this fucking pandemic. I had not spoken to her in several months because she was not able to answer my calls. I had to watch the funeral on live stream on the computer. All I really wanted was to hug her one more time. I miss you…..

I am so angry, mad, God has been taking “My” people. I know that is silly, but it is painful. Now I have to face that another of my friends, my other mother, mom is dying. She is on hospice because of an infection in her colon that can not be fixed. I have called for updates and she is being medicated for the pain so she is comfortable. I am not even sure she is coherent. I am going to try and visit with her. The one thing we agreed on is that I will take care of her hair after she dies. That will be my gift to her. Mom is someone I would get to see every three weeks for a haircut and a hug. She was like my grandmother in that she never judged me and always had loving words for me. She listened and loved me unconditionally. Now I have to watch her die. My heart is breaking and I know that I will miss her. Horribly.

This one is my own mother. She is alive, living with my sister. For the most part she is healthy and probably has a lot of life left. However, we are not speaking to each other because I gave her an ultimatum. The story is that my children have rejected me completely, not wanting anything to do with me. I received a letter from my son and oldest daughter that stated it. My husband said it sounded like something you would receive from a lawyer the way it was written. Well I was hysterical and heart broken. I text my family and said it was me or them. If anyone wanted to have me in their lives they would have to stop talking to my children. Well that went over like a lead balloon with my mother. So when we spoke on the phone, she said “how dare I make her choose!” And I am not sure what else was said except me telling her that it was bullshit her continuing to defend my children and if she wasn’t going to support me then “Fuck you!” and i hung up the phone.

My relationship with my mother has always been very close and I miss her. We spoke on the phone every day and talked about nothing. I checked on her, knowing she and I share the fact that we have fibromyalgia. And not just that I would check on her because she is 84 years old.

I miss her, I had some really good things happening in my life and I wanted to share the news, but we are not speaking. I miss you. I am hurt that you continue to support the kids as they abuse me. It may not be a physical abuse, but the rejection and the fact that they blame me for their “Bad childhood?” not even truly sure what they are talking about, my mother says she wants to keep the lines of communication open. Fuck that…..Not one person in my family challenges my children’s behavior toward me, in fact I have been told that my children still want their mother, I just need to be more empathetic to them. Fuck that too….I am their mother and that’s what throws me. If I treated my mother similarly I would be called on the carpet for it.

But I miss her, I miss you Mom! Why can’t you understand how I feel? Why can’t someone in my family stand up for me? I am not the same person!

I miss my children……I miss you….

I miss you………….

Lunatic Fringe Forever…………..


This is defined as: bitter “indignation” at having been treated unfairly.

Indignation is defined as: anger or annoyance provoked by what is “perceived” as being treated unfairly.

Resentment is also seen as a “negative emotional” reaction to being mistreated. It is a choice; for example, holding a grudge. It also doesn’t go away on it’s own, there has to be some kind of resolution or meeting of the minds over what the problem may be.

So I’m pissed off because I have been treated unfairly, but I will never have any type of resolution or just a basic acknowledgement for my “negative emotional reaction to being treated unfairly,” because not one person that I have these negative emotional reactions about even will listen so I can calmly let out how I feel.

Oh I tried! At first I was trying to just factually explain the examples of times that I was treated unfairly and the conversation turned into me “attacking” “blaming” and “persecuting” the “other” person I was speaking to. (Names will be excluded to protect the innocent and or the guilty).

I can’t throw anyone under the bus anymore because I do not want to offend or in this case make it any worse than it already is. And trust when I say this, I want to SCREAM because I am truly tired of the “people” in my life saying they see my improvements, how much better I am after all the mental, emotional roller coaster I have been on and proud they are that I have worked so hard at keeping myself “normal.” Whatever, I am a crazy person, living with a mental illness using skills I learned in my therapies to help me survive in this life. I am doing great, thank you.

However, even as many times I am told how great and that “they” see a change, the minute, second I have any ANY emotional response to ANY given situation that is not in the perimeters of “Normal” or “Healthy” response, well it’s back to “she is over dramatic, over the top, not taking her medicine. It is seen as my digression back to the sick girl I was long time ago.

How can I even get fair treatment if I am continually seen as “mental or over emotional?” So I resent it. Plain and simple, because I will never be seen as competent I will always be classed as Borderline Personality Disorder. Felicia has left the building and in her place is BPD. It will never go away. So the resolution to my resentment won’t happen because I will never get to speak my peace. It is because there is a preconception that I will be combative and confrontational. I may not be combative but I sure as hell am going to confrontational. Why should I not speak the I want and what I feel?

I hate double standards. OK, example, I received a letter once when I was living with an abusive man. The contents of the letter was an ultimatum. “Me or Him?” Well at the time I was at a point of no return because “He” would threaten to hurt my son or my mother if I tried to leave him. I couldn’t tell anybody and I was scared. This example is an extreme. Well I gave the “person” who sent me that letter a similar ultimatum, “ME or Them.” however, the response I got was “how dare you make me choose!!!!!! That is so unfair!!!!! I love you both!!!! blah blah blah!!!!!!”

The issue around the ultimatum I gave was similar in that I am being abused by “something,’ and the “person” I gave the ultimatum to states that they don’t want to close off any communication with the “something.” My response was that if you are communicating with the “something” then you are enforcing and supporting the abuse. I feel I made a logical and rational assessment to the situation, but it was seen as a personal attack and I was told that if I was going to “use the person as a whipping post” the conversation was over. WOW!

I know this is so vague, but I can’t truly explain it because really the situation is so ugly and I have not spoken to the “person” for several weeks. The crazy thing is my husband is defending me and says that he cannot believe what the “person” is thinking. If nothing else my husband and I are now in a real good place. (Silver Lining).

I started talking about resentment and I hope I showed an example of how I am being treated unfairly. I DON’T want to be resentful. I want to resolve this, but I don’t believe I will ever be more than Borderline Personality Disorder to “people” I need to resolve these issues with and that is the sad situation. I’m mad, no I’m PISSED, I’m angry, I’m HURT. I feel betrayed and I deserve to be heard. That’s all, being heard!!! So what if I raise my voice, so what if my words are offensive and may even be unkind. This hurt has been around for a long time. There is nothing FAIR about being treated unfairly and take “your” that’s your perception shit and go smoke it. That is not what I wanted to say but I don’t want to be uglier.

I try really hard to give people the benefit if the doubt, so in this case I was hoping that I would get the same consideration because “they” know me. I was hoping for an open dialog expressing my true feelings in a neutral setting so that “no one” would feel it was a personal attack. Well that is where I am, I made an attempt to explain the way I feel and it was taken as a personal attack. Sorry about your misconception.

Resentment, indignation, anger, annoyance, provoked, perceived, Negative Emotional Reaction, Holding a Grudge……….. How about I feel that “I” am not treated the way others are treated and not in a good way. Or What is good for the goose most definitely is not good for the gander. Perception is the key, I say it is the actions of another witnessed to the treatment of others differently. The blatant favoring of one over another or doing something in regards of someone else but not giving that same regards to another. Why would anybody ever feel resentment if it was equal across the board? I have not experienced “Equality.”

Lunatic Fringe Forever…………


A feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair.

This is a feeling I am learning how to “handle.” It pisses me off that people can misjudge me and know I am working diligently to make myself a better person. It sits in the pit of my stomach and just eats it way through my body. It feels like a fireball moving through me. I want to scream at the top of my lungs. “I’m Better, I’m doing the work to improve my thoughts, I am trying!” Is it good enough? Who do I have to impress? It is not fair to be made to feel that I am the same person I was before therapy. Before I………?

Stress, anger, depression, sadness, those are easier now to control. Resentment, fuck that! It takes a hold and stays. I have been told that “It is only my perception” of a situation and there may be another way of looking at things. OK, tell how to feel when you know in your heart you are being treated unfairly, that the treatment of all who are involved in a situation is equal across the board. No one can tell me that “people” are that self-aware that they treat everyone the same. I don’t even do that and I know that I try.

Then when I want to address my feelings, there are “ground rules” that I have to follow so no one feels attacked. I feel attacked, I feel that I was unfairly treated, why do I have to be nice? I am a honest person and I am confrontational, sure, but this is an injustice I feel needs to be discussed even if I have to hurt someone’s feelings. My feelings are hurt. I know I will be told that “it was not intentional” on the part of the other people involved to hurt my feelings. Well it did and I need to let them know that what was said and what was done was hurtful and unfair.

The bottom line here is that I have a mental illness. That is the “reason” my perceptions are wrong. (Sarcasm!) I know that I don’t think clearly sometimes, but wrong is wrong and my mental illness is no reason to devalue my feelings. I know I am not perfect and God knows that I am trying my best to take care of myself. The problem is that I have had to repress my feelings so that “others” are not offended or hurt. Isn’t that a 2 way street? Just because I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder means that I will not receive the same consideration as the next person?

There have been moments in my life when situations have happened that I have addressed the unfairness, but I was angry and enraged that my emotions got the best of me and I was unable to express myself clearly. So now that I want to deal with the issues I have to “play nice.” FINE! All I want is the same consideration when it comes to my feelings. These issues are not pretty and they even may be petty, but they are mine and they are making me sick.

The poem, LISTEN, that I shared was a way I could express the feeling. I just want to be heard and respected. My illness is not ME! There is a human inside this body that has real, true feelings. I may not always be able to express myself “appropriately,” but that doesn’t mean someone can judge me. (Because of my illness and my past behavior!) There is a difference in drudging up the past and needing to resolve my resentment. The past is the past, but the resentment lingers.

There are tooooooooooo many situations that have been swept away under the rug and now they are coming to the surface. I am distracted by the sickness. I want to release this shit and move on. I want to be heard and respected.

I’m screaming, can you hear me!!!!!

Lunatic Fringe Forever……………..


I’m screaming without sound

I’m suffering with a smile on my face

I’m crying without a tear found

I’m screaming can you hear me

Can you see the pain

The tear you will never see

There is a time bomb inside

An explosion even as you are by my side

To explain I am unable

To let you know is an open I can’t do

To make you understand I am incapable

I’m screaming

Can you hear me……