Something is in the Water

OK, so I think there is something in the water. For some God knows reason, it is baffling me that there is not a universal outrage with all the killing going on. Have we become so comfortable with our own existence that we completely disregard that there are billions of people being killed every day.

That is harsh! I know, but 19 children, 2 teachers, a grandmother and a husband. Not to mention the Ukraine situation. Have we become so dis sensitized to violence that we have given away our souls. There has to be something in the water. I have no other explanation for the blah-say atmosphere. This will sound really out there, but I feel it. I feel an aura of complacent indifference. Have we become a culture that is only interested in getting their own 15minutes of fame posting on Tik-Tok that the rest of the world can go fuck itself. What is wrong with us.

I have Facebook, but I refuse to have tik-tok. My Facebook is filled with empowerment and love. I choose to use my profile, my writing in the advancement of kindness and love. I also want to allow people into my story, to show through my words what I experience living with a mental illness. I am dumb-founded by the violence and total disregard for human life. What the Fuck!!!

I am ranting today because I am trying to wrap my head around the indifference. Trust me I am not trying to be “Holier than thou” I just am frustrated. I look at the blatant corruption of our government. The career politicians getting rich off our backs, the justice system taking rights away from women and the total lack of truth. Then on top of that 19 beautiful innocent children are gunned down like shooting fish in a barrel. They never had a chance. Am I the only one mad.

I know I am not the only one mad, for sure, but why WHY is some stupid bimbo or DIY or what ever the lasted trend on Tik Tok getting more views then the outrage of people about ALL the bullshit happening. Oh how wonderful social media is, but we don’t talk to each other any more. Our children have no concept of talking. “Just text me,” NO I want to hear your voice and look you in the eye and hear the words coming out of your mouth!

I am crazy all by myself and truly we have all had enough stress in the last several years. The time has come to re-emerge from the darkness and bring the light to all the shit we have let slide by because of circumstance. I got my activism bug from my Momma, it is her fault. I was very comfortable being a silent warrior, but now I am tuned in. I have been joking with my husband that I want to run for President. Can’t do any worse than what we have had in the last 6 years.

Felicia Hall for President!!! I am the poor man’s candidate, I live on disability and medicare as does my husband, I am educated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and I am honest, really. I hate liars and I believe that there is no room for beating around a bush.

OK that is my schtick! Love just love and be kind. My heart breaks for the families who lost their children and the children that lost their parents. How many children have to die before we get really pissed off and do something.

There is something is the water, it has made us numb to everything. I hope the Koolaide tasted good because I have a really bad taste in my mouth!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!!!!

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