Started Something New

I’m doing “Live” videos on Facebook. Every Sunday I am doing informational videos, talking about “life.” Well I started with what it means to be a human being? I talked about the argument of evolution vs. creation. The history of humankind etc. Next Sunday I am looking at the Nature of Humans or Human Nature in regards to Is it Nature or Nurture?

The videos will become more focused on psychological subjects, but for now I am trying to lay the foundation. I try not to be preachy and just present factual information. I told my audience that the videos are to provoke thought and to inform.

I feel like in the world right now with the stress we face it may be a good thing to give people some needed support and try to give a more “Universal” view of the world around us. At least I hope that will happen.

I know that is good for me because I am doing a lot of research and it helps me consider several different points of view. I feel that even if I can touch one person or give needed information that I am doing something. God knows!!!

Wish me luck, I have had some really good response this far……

Lunatic Fringe Forever…….

2 thoughts on “Started Something New

  1. so here is the list:
    To be or not to be
    In the Mirror
    The beauty of you
    The old cat lady
    Being worthy
    The Blanket
    I will never think like you

    My site is open and any of my posts can be used. Especially if one speaks to you. help yourself.
    Lunatic Fringe Forever!


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