My Place

My place is far away and cannot be reached by anyone but me. There are no people, no drama, it is quiet and perfect. Mainly because it is not real. In my imagination, when I close my eyes I see green as a forest in the Spring. Green as an overgrown jungle with vines growing up along the trees. My place is beautiful, full of green grass and trees the touch the sky. It is plush and soft, you could fall into the grass and sleep like a baby. The green goes for miles and miles.

My place has crystal streams that flow with such gracefulness it is like watching a ballerina. In my place there are four streams that flow into an aquamarine colored lake. The movement of the lake comes from streams flowing into it. However the lake is mysterious, it is calm. A calm where the surface of the water looks as of it never moves. The colors around the lake are reds, yellows and oranges from the flowers that grow along the banks of the lake. Beautiful roses, sunflowers and crocuses. The blooms of the flowers are so big their aroma fills the whole space. The flowers never die and reproduce themselves and the older flowers fade away.

My place is blue, royal blue of the proud sky. Proud because it stands out, the blue is mesmerizing, vibrant and clear. It wraps my place with warmth from the sun sitting in the sky and at night the moon shines along with so many stars you barely see the dark. Each sunrise and sunset is unique, the colors change and the cloud formations explode in fluff. Billowing clouds, looking as if they are coming to life. The stars in the night sky dance with joy. The moon is always full and shines its glow over the green, casting shadows of mystery.

This is my place, a place of solitude and peace. I am the only one who can get there and I go there to recharge so that I will renew the peace in my heart, mind and body. I wish I could take you with me.

Lunatic Fringe Forever…

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