There is a common thread between all of us.

There are paths in our lives which each are given to take.

The paths begin our journeys of the unknown.

I came to a path in my life,

there was a fork, a spoon and a knife.

Down to the fork two paths,

one to the left and one to the right.

How do I choose, which is my way,

Do I choose left or do I choose right?

Down the spoon only one path,

It ends in a giant circle.

Do I go round and round,

Repeating everything that has kept me bound?

Down the knife path,

One straight road.

I can see no obstacles or curves,

no changes or swerves.

How do I choose?

Why would I choose?

Is my journey two paths, one path revolving on to itself or do I choose the straight path?

Paths are not singular or revolving or straight,

Paths create.

Paths update.

Paths penetrate.

Paths translate, inflate, conjugate, collaborate, and integrate.

Now it’s up to you and me to figure out how to motivate.

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!

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