I have had a time of transition in the last few months that I wish to God things could have been different. The thing is there has been several deaths in my husband’s family and it is just now calming down, crossing my fingers! It remains to be seen that life will continue back to the peacefulness I moved to far away from the chaos of the “City.”

I used the word transition because of the idea that not only do humans evolve they transition. We as humans have complexity and depth. I see it in each person’s perception of their own existence. OK so I am getting existential. I’m feeling philosophical of late and I figured it’s making me look educated. I am educated, but I have learned in my years that I just need to KISS: “Keep it Simple Stupid!”

Transition is defined as the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Happy to sad, bad to good or green to red. So here for me it has been alive to dead. It was so surreal because one of the people that died I saw them earlier the same day. I spoke to the person. I was dumbstruck. How does this happen. I walked into the house the person was living and was waiting to see them. It was just an empty feeling.

Now is the transition through grief and that sucks. Not so much for me, but I was on the support team, you know the ones that listens to the ones left behind cry. The hardest thing for me was watching a person I love grieve and cry. There is nothing I could do because I knew this is their journey and I am just a rider on the train. (Riding on a train is a great visual when speaking of a person’s journey.) I use it a lot.

At this point I feel as though I am babbling along like blah blah blah…. I know that I will address transition again because of the many ways in which humans develop and change. I just am exhausted and I told myself that I needed to write today or I would never do it and I may even be back later. Lots of “STUFF” on my mind.

Lunatic Fringe Forever………

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