It is a Racket

I was in a car accident in November 2016 where I was sitting at a stop light and I was rear ended. The impact was so hard that I was pushed into the intersection and I hit the back of the driver seat so hard that it was pushed into a reclining position and we could never fix it to go back up to an upright position. Needless to say I had a concussion, bumps and bruises and when I went to the doctor we found out after an MRI that I tore my meniscus in my knee.

In addition to that my car was totaled, the impact of the hit buckled my JEEP. Both the back doors were pushed out like wings, you get the picture hopefully. I had no issue negotiating a settlement on the car because the insurance company didn’t want my car and I ended up getting more money for it than we paid for it. Also we were given it back because the engine was good and we could use it for parts. The insurance company paid for the tows, paid for the car and paid to have it towed to my house. Not bad.

HOWEVER, the injury part, yeah they don’t want to pay. I ended up having surgery on my knee to repair the meniscus and I have periodically needed pain shots in my knee. I had to enlist the help of a lawyer because the insurance company was being unreasonable. The medical bills are upward in the amount of $30,000. They wanted to offer $3,500. to start. Granted I was surprised. I really believed that the whole process would be over quickly and I could move on with my life.

Yeah, NO! It is almost 5 years later and we were quarantined for over of a year so nothing was done. Now the insurance company wants to settle and I have a lawyer that made me believe I had a good case. He sent our settlement offer to the insurance company of $250,000. I was good with that amount. He told me that all we can do now is go up if they want to fight us. That was sometime in the last 6 to 8 months. I just waited.

Present day, insurance company’s first offer is $32,000. That won’t even cover my medical costs I say to the lawyer. He tells me that it is a good offer because at least the insurance company is willing to make an offer. I said what about the $250,000? He tells me that the limit on the woman’s insurance is only $100,000. I said than that is what I want so that everything will get paid; the medical bills and his 33% then I will have at least $50,000 in my pocket. “OH, NO the lawyer says, it doesn’t work like that.”

WTF are we paying for insurance if it will not pay for the accident in full? When I initially went to the lawyer with my mother as a witness, he told us that pain and suffering was 4 to 5 times the amount of the medical bills. OK, that means I would be looking at $120,000 to $150,000. NOPE, the last offer was $70,000. How does that happen?

So not only am I having to fight for justice with the insurance company, I am at odds with the lawyer because I guess he is pissed because I won’t settle. He told me a whole different outcome when I first talked to him, now that we are into the 5th year he has thrown me under the bus. I am now physically sick because of the stress and to the point where I want to dismiss the case all together and take my chances with having to pay my bills and fuck my lawyer because he will be getting 33% of a big fat 0!!!! I am a spiteful bitch when someone stabs me in the back.

I trusted this man to do right by me and honor his word. Not only did I hire him to work my accident claim, I sent my sister to him. I discovered that he screwed up my sister’s settlement because he never got the doctor recommendation that my sister will need surgery in the future and was not organized at the mediation so she was forced to settle for 1/4 of what she was asking for. Fuck that, I am not my sister.

I handed this man the case on a silver platter, I had all my bills, all the record information and gave him $100.00 to file the paperwork in court. I had to go on to find out about my court dates because he never called me. Then I find out that everything is being continues because they can’t find the woman who hit me because they have to serve her papers and she has moved like 4 times. What has that got to do with me?

I know after this is all over I will be filing a complaint with the Bar Association against my lawyer for failing to do his job. I just want what he said from the beginning. Now it is ALL or NOTHING!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!

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