The Old Cat Lady

The old cat lady that lives on the block, in the house she has owned since the dawn of time. She sits in her rocking chair by the window sipping tea from a dainty flowered china cup and saucer. The teapot sits close with a cream and sugar bowl to match. On the corner of the table sits a black and white picture of a man in a Military uniform, smiling.

She sits in the window everyday at 4p.m. as the English do for tea time. The cats sit on the window sill sleeping or in her lap or on the table. She never shoos them off the table and lets them sip tea with her.

The old cat lady has grey hair that is perfectly curled and styled. She is dressed in a floral house dress and a mink stole covered in cat hair. And she always smiles or laughs. You can hear faint music playing in the house and she is swaying to the sound. Sometimes you can hear her singing softly to a love song as she is looking at the picture of the soldier.

No one is sure how many cats are in the house and when you walk by there are pairs of eyes looking out the windows on every floor. They follow you as you walk by and the urge walk faster so that the eyes can no longer see you is strong. No one runs past the house in fear of a cat attack. That will never happen because the cats never go outside.

There has been not one visitor not a child or family. No one sees anyone come with groceries or medicine and have never seen the old cat lady leave. But she sits in the window every day at 4p.m. for tea just as the English do.

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