I am a Bad Blogger

Wow how life passes by and I haven’t realized that I allowed myself to neglect one of the things I love to do. I feel as though it is a “Human” thing, that we neglect ourselves to cater to everyone else. As for the title, it is a running joke with some of my friends that I am a bad friend. You know that person that never returns phone calls or doesn’t just call to talk or check in. I am that friend. Most of the time I hate talking on the phone and Lord knows I really hate texting. Thank God for Facebook because I can check on all my friends and not really have to hang on the phone. Yes, I know that is being a bad friend, but as I said I am a bad friend.

OK, so now I can add, “I am a Bad Blogger.” It is not that I don’t want to respond to the nagging voice in my head telling me to sit down and write. I just have had a lot of stuff happen in the last 4 months that has changed my life. This is no excuse because I have sat in front of this laptop more than once since the last time I blogged. I had to stop and check the last time I wrote. It was September 2020. Well shit, I have moved into a house my husband and I are buying, we have elected a new president and I hope everyone made it through the holidays with little or no drama, considering the “Pandemic.”

Today is Valentine’s Day and right now it is 6:17a.m. I have my coffee and my graham crackers, so all is good. The cat is in the window talking to her boyfriend cat from next door. It is a complicated relationship since I don’t let her out of the house. Anyway, I got inspired about two weeks ago and I should have made myself get to it, but now that I am sitting here I have dim memory of the inspired, inspirational shit I wanted to write about. Of course that fleeting memory that accompanies the aging process. Love it. I usually say that I will remember it at 2a.m. and then I will not want to get up to write.

The plan is to make this a priority and to be as honest and open as I can until the last breath passes from my body. OK, a little dramatic, but the reason I am writing is to share my experiences in my life surviving and living with a Mental Illness. Those of us who live and have an extra “friend” through this life need an advocate. I know that when I started writing 3 years ago my intention was to show in words what it is like to live with a Mental Illness. That has not changed, it has taken a small vacation and I have placed pen and paper where I can write things down so I can keep my inspirations clear to blog.

As for today, Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope there is love in your life and a box of chocolates on your table. If you wait until tomorrow they will be half price. There is always a silver lining. Be well and prepared, I will be back again soon.

Lunatic Fringe Forever…………..

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