It is One of Those Days

I thought I had gotten passed the pain in my hands, but no of course that is not the way it will go. I have Carpal Tunnel but the surgery won’t help because on top of that I have Fibromyalgia. This is a bitching kind of rant today. Ya know when you have ingested the “therapeutic” dose of pain medication from over the counter pain medication and it still doesn’t work. That is the issue and now that the doctors hands are tied when it comes to prescribing pain medication because we are all opioid junkies we suffer.

OK enough for passive-aggressive ranting. I am just tired of pain, I know that I have to live with this because of the “illness” but seriously can someone come up with a pill, a procedure or anything where you can go and overhaul your body like the mechanic does for your car. Ya hear what I am saying.

I watch that movie the “Secret” years ago and the big message is about the Law of Attraction. In summary it is said that we as humans attract the energy from around us similar to the energy that we emit into the universe. OK so I am in pain and somewhat negative that means IT IS GOING TO BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!

However, if I try to be happy and positive distracting myself form the pain and smile, it will be a good day. See how that works. OK so I do believe that we have the power to change our perception. I believe as it is written that as humans we only use 10% of our brain power, but there is an untapped 90% that we have no idea what it does. someone knows I know it. With all the technology there should be a way of mapping the brain so that when we go to the doctor because of an illness or condition, there is a machine that can find the specific place in the brain that is causing the problem or can fix the problem and zap that area to fix it.

I believe “Fix it” should be an option. Let’s not just manage it, FIX IT!!! One of those days needs a button that you can go to and hit that SOB and all is better. I can dream damn it, don’t laugh. Yes, I am talking to you. We never get out of this life alive, but one of those days makes it really shitty. I was trying to think of something profound to say, but shitty is about what it is.

I realize that I am only human and my ideas need to be trademarked because someone is going to read this and take my ideas and make lots of money and where does that leave me, in pain. Ah, but it just goes to show that even on one of those days there could be a silver lining around the big black storm clouds that look like they will burst open at any moment and pour down sheets of rain or blow in the ravage tornado.

OK so I am going to relax and hopefully the pain medication will start to work and I can do some crafting. I have some sewing to do and who know I may even make a strawberry cheese cake. I will prevail over this and one of those days will be “just the another day.”

Lunatic Fringe Forever

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