It’s Time

My brain is so full that words are running out my ears. Having the desire to write a book, I have made the decision to start. Not sure exactly how it will come together, but I know that it is time to start.

Considering that I have been blogging for around a year now or more, I need to put my thoughts into one big message. I was in the shower this morning and my mind was racing with ideas. It is a waste of time to just think and then I lose the thoughts because I have lost the brain matter to keep the thoughts. Trauma has a way of making it truly sad. I really hope I can get the thoughts down coherently. Even then because of the “crazy” it will show what interference Mental Illness can be like. Ya know?

OK, I am off to start this next adventure. I will try and blog my progress so all know I have started and let ya know how it is going. Send some positive energy my way!!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!

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