Corona Virus #19

Holy shit it is a pandemic!

What happened to “Common Sense” ? I can’t believe how ignorant human beings can be. This illness can kill a person. However, the effects vary for each person. Why is that hard to understand?

I personally appreciate having to stay home away from people. But I need to stay away from the news. There are so much saturation of the situation and there are so many different stories. How does a person know what to believe. I feel that I am bombarded with the same images, everything seems to meld together.

Now I am pissed, I just saw that the golf courses are open. WOW can’t have “your” golf game suffer because there are sick people dying in the world. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so much for that rant.

Love when all the commercials and public service messages start with, “In these uncertain times,” or “We are in this together.”  Then there is a “stay at home” order. I get that the walls are caving in and having “cabin fever” on top of a pandemic can be overwhelming. We can’t have it both ways, it is important to stay home to take care of ourselves and it is important for us to get sunlight.  As for the “we are in this together” hahaha!

I went to Wal-Mart and people have no regard for anybody but themselves. Don’t cough or sneeze because people will spray sanitizer all around themselves and then give you the evil eye. No one is talking to you and I tried smiling at people and got one or two back. Everyone is in fear, but that should not stop a person from being pleasant.  In this together, but stay on your side, OK.

I am not saying anarchy, I am saying being nice, being kind. Be smart, wash your hands, be conscious of other people and educate yourself so you can know exactly what is the truth. “STOP THE INSANITY!”

My husband and I are having lots of fun with it. We have been joking and trying to laugh about it to keep it light. Yes, I know the seriousness of the situation, but there has to be a silver lining somewhere. Remember that we have better technology now then when the Black Plague hit Europe.

As always I will be the optimist, having faith that we will get through this and we will be better. How ever that will look, we need to be faithful believing that “everything happens for a reason.” OK, how many sweet sayings can I use to refer to this situation.

The sun will shine

We will be strong from this tragedy

We will come up from the ashes

We are in this together and we will overcome

I am getting sick to stomach just thinking about this, meaning I can’t sit here and continue the sticky sweet thoughts. I am optimistic, but I am tired of bullshitting. I believe we are strong, but the reality is we need to be diligent. Wash your hands, take care of yourself and if you are sick stay home. That is physically, mentally and any other ally that needs to be taken care of.

Get the facts and take care of yourself, we are strong together and we have the ability to get through this. I have faith in the Human race that we will be our best in the face of this situation. Don’t let me down!!

For me, I am praying for resolution and a cure. I pray for the world, I pray for all that we become better for all this and stronger. I pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!!!!!!

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