Happy Holidays

Happy Holiday, Happy Holidays!  We are getting ready for the time of “food comas” and over-indulging.  I think I have all my wrapping done! I can not believe how fast this “holiday season” has moved. I was starting to enjoy Halloween and now it is nine days until Christmas. Can I have a reset? I was hoping to remembering each day of this holiday season.

The tree is trimmed and the cards are mailed almost. I feel like I am in a dream. I think the worst was Thanksgiving. I busted my ass to bake and we arrived on time, but it was over so fast because everyone had to work the next day. WTF, or they were headed for Black Friday…………….No Way. When did life turn into a flash dance.

I am venting because I guess I have lost the awe of the season. So my love language is to give gifts and I buy all year to wrap everything up for Christmas. This year I don’t have the same joy. My health has been bad and there was a big change in my life. How do normal people bounce back? I feel like I am stuck in a fog of trauma from all the changes and health issues.

I want to see Christmas like I used to, that joy that really can’t be explained. I have the Christmas music on the radio, the house is decorated and I could care less. I see the babies in my life so excited about Christmas and Santa Claus. I want that, I want to feel the excitement.

I will be hopefully making it to church and participating with decorating the church for Christmas.  I helped out last year and it was amazing to be around the community decorating the church. Putting up the manger and a huge Christmas tree. It was wonderful. I guess I need to remember exactly what this holiday is truly about and it is not presents.

OK, so I have complained enough so I want to say:

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! God Bless Us Everyone!!!

Lunatic Fringe Forever

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