The small saying “It is what it is” seems a bit too unimaginative.

Reality is so much more than that and living in my brain reality has a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. That has it’s good aspects and some bad aspects. Good because sometimes reality is too scary to face and bad because there are times when I need to face my fears head on.

Reality where there are lists,”IT” does not exist if it isn’t written down.

Reality is adding to the list because there is more to do.

Reality can be as beautiful as a rainbow after the raging storm.

Or Reality can be as destructive as a tornado.

Reality is watching the sun rise and set.

Or reality is just getting through the day.

Without disaster.

Reality can be bunnies and butterflies.

And reality can be the pile of paperwork on the desk.

I could go on and on and on and on…………………………….

There are too many examples of the “Reality of an individual existence.”

Each of us have one,

We all live one,

Is it predestined?

Has it been written on a list?

I was once told that we were born to be happy, (Thank-you Sr. Mark. Inside joke.)

Reality is a Philosophical debate in that, “What is the Meaning of Life!”


I am lucky I get out of bed some days, there are dishes in my sink because I don’t have a dishwasher, the laundry is piling up and I am packing to move.

My body is broken from chronic pain and my mind has to be on a cocktail of medications so I don’t end up killing myself. Reality!!!!!

The truth is Reality is an individual experience. What is going on with me is not going on with you, one person is flying to Denver for a convention and one is living under a bridge. Yes that is extreme, but guess what, it’s true…………………..

We see it every day on TV, computer, Social Media, Tablets, laptops, phones. It is funny to me to see that there is so many pictures of people on their phones that there have been more people being hit by cars.

I figured out how to change the course of Reality for me and I will let you in on a little secret, I have developed this since I was very young, doctor’s will say I have coping skills or I have a skewed reality. Love that psychological terminology.

It is really simple and it is nice.

My son even bought me the T-shirt.

“I live in my own little world and it is OK because they know me there!”

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!






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