I am working on a new topic because my brain is overwhelmed with thinking about the abuse so I am giving myself a break. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now that add to the crazy already there.

I know that there are my beautiful crazy people out there that know that feeling. You know when there are so many things going on at once and you are being pulled in all directions never feeling grounded in any situation. Well that is my life right now and God must think I have it all together because I feel as though I want to crawl in a whole and hide.

“Go to your happy place” or “take DEEP breaths” hahahahahahahaha! My bathtub is too small for a nice long soak and I have no bubbles. I had a pity party the other day and forgot to send out the invitations. It was quite a good party. The food was awesome and the music was great. It is a shame that we don’t make them more often. You know there is chocolate everything, ice cream and cookies, pity parties are all about the comfort foods.

I digress, I am updating. The post before this one was an attempt at some poetry, something I haven’t done in along time. I will have to pull out some of my old stuff to share. I am proud of it. That will be my next post. I will try to find something a little more upbeat.

I am feeling lost lately and I am trying to find what I am looking for, song lyrics!!!!

I just wanted you to know!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!!!!!!

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