It’s Been a Deadly Week

Disclaimer: First, Mom I’m fine promise! Second, the people that killed themselves this week do not deserve me to name them. They took the chicken exit in the Fun House of their lives. Those of us that take the journey deserve the recognition! And lastly, I am sad for the families because they truly don’t know why!

So today another celebrity have killed them self. And again the news is speaking about it. I tried to kill myself six times and I wanted out of this world. Thank God I got help, but there are so many of us who are not “special,” or a celebrity who have the urge to end it all. I have such heart ache for those who have died this week at their own hands. I feel as though someone in these people’s life should have known something was wrong. Granted I know that anyone can hide feelings and go through with suicide, but there are warning signs. I’m not blaming anyone for the deaths.

Each of us are responsibility for our own behavior. However, this is sad!!!! We need to fix this!!!!! There is no reason for Suicide to be an issue. Mental Health awareness is being ignored except when we are faced with it after a Famous Person dies!!! Give me a break. Those of us that go to that place of chaos, sadness, anger whatever it may be that take us to the thoughts of death are just as relevant! We are just not famous.

Life is a journey, whatever faces each of us, whatever trials, whatever our joys, whatever our loses. All is a matter of endurance, resilience and HELP!!! Being afraid to ask for help leads to death anyway you look at it. OK maybe that is a too generalized opinion, but if I looked at statistics it is probably true. OMG, no one knows specifically why these things happen.

I became interested in Psychology in my teens because of my first attempt at suicide. I thought if I understood the reasons and psychology of suicide I could fix it. What it did for me was make me want to be a voice for the people in pain. OK so it didn’t happen. I was a teenager, I was put into counseling, diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and I was branded for life.  Note: Counseling did help. I was OK for then.

This is not about me though, the above paragraph was to illustrate how moments in our lives can motivate us. So dealing with individual stresses motivate each of us differently. We are shown that everything is disposable. I say this because the examples we are shown by Hollywood. We see celebrities divorce, then get a new mate, then divorce again, they overdose and end up in rehab, then get out and start all over with the addiction. Self medication being justified by saying it’s a prescription from the doctor, bullshit! Then it is reported that the celebrity has overdosed “accidentally” and has died. Seriously, these are the examples. We are bombarded with stress, indifference, apathy, violence and hatred. I know that these are not statistically proven to be triggers for suicide, but I personally believe these have an influential aspect to the epidemic.

Yes, I believe Suicide is an epidemic!!!! Two in a week! Sad!

I personally believe these victims are in the arms of God, that they are loved and forgiven. Being a child of God, we are good even when the world around us is falling apart. I know that there have been many times I have forgotten and I through a lot of support I have come to know that I am strong and can use the tools I learned in my counseling in the last five years.

Please continue the push for awareness of the problem. Please send positive thoughts to the families of the victims so that they may be able to move on. Thank-you!

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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