When did we become obsessed with being “politically correct?” I missed it when almost everything a person says has to be censored or pondered before it is said.  I can only try to understand this because I am trying to relay a message. That is too simplistic for what is really happening. The subject of Mental Illness is being sugar coated because it scares people. Too bad!

“Disclaimer:” If reading my pages you may get offended. You may believe I am speaking of someone in my life, NO I attempt to explain feelings and/or experiences.  I need to be honest so that the true experience of “crazy” is shown. Living with this has been a life that can be offensive and ugly. However, to sugar coat the truth would be to continue the perpetuating stigma that is Mental Illness.

I refuse to allow the farce to continue. What is that saying,”The Truth will set you Free!”

Lunatic Fringe Forever!

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