Better Late Than Never

This has been one of the sayings I used to live my life by because Lord knows I was late for everything in my life. Friends and family told me I would be late for my own funeral. I guess that would be OK as long as I was still alive.  I always thought that it was OK because at least I made it, but that made everyone else late too. Usually I was running late for good reason and sometimes I just didn’t care about getting to where I needed to be. I know now it was part of my illness.

This time I am talking about time, you know that cliche’ about how you never know when it’s too late. Time, like what time is it? Are you so worried that you are not going to have time for all the good things this life can offer you. Man, I am just getting anxious worrying about time. Or I’m getting depressed because I don’t have enough time to do what I want. So better late than never, I may not be able to do all the things on my so called “bucket list” so what I can dream.

Time is the problem or it’s not, especially if you are organized. OK so most of us are a mess and if we ever get organized Hell has frozen over. I feel as though there is so much emphasis put on time. You know be punctual, be on time for this or that, yes because you don’t want to miss the beginning of something.

See there are so many aspects of time that most people don’t even realize that it may be an “issue” for your mental health. How many clocks are in your house or how many times do you look at your phone to see what time it is? Or are you on the phone too much and know what time it is.

Do you see the pattern? OK so pressure, wow, we got so much stuff that effects our time and then we use drugs or alcohol to ease our minds so that time is not a problem. Numbing the outside world to feel GOOD! Then reality is that time has now been wasted and there is no getting that time back.

Better late than never, Time is a challenge, each of us has the ability to use it constructively and make the most of what time we have. I personally have made major improvements in my punctuality and like being on time. I’m still late more than on time, but I get where I need to be.

Realize what’s important to you and know that time does not have to be an enemy, it can be a friend. Or at least something good in your life. Being mindful of what time truly means in your life and using your imagination to have some fun. living with time in it’s proper place can make for interesting life.

Good Journey!!!!

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