Funny, Funny, Funny for a Monday

I didn’t realize how interesting my life would be having married a hunter. My wonderful husband came home one time to tell me all about his day hunting. He was telling me about being in his he deer stand watching for the deer, of course so he kill one. I just can’t believe that he can sit up there all day. My smart ass was “what do you do if you have to pee?” I did know. He told that the stand was close to a small stream behind the tree. I was like you climb down out of the tree and pee in the stream, No, he described standing up unzipping and leaning forward with “junior” out and he shot into the stream off the stand.  I asked if he had camoed “junior so he wouldn’t be seen peeing! If you are not laughing I’m sorry, but to picture it I was crying. I know if he would have thought about it he probably would have. I remember envisioning him 20 feet in the air relieving himself and him praying that no deer come crossing the path because I know he would have grabbed the bow midstream to take the shot. Long live the hunter heart!

My love, I know this is not the story you wished me to tell, but we all needed a little laugh for a rainy day!!

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