A Week in Review

How does life go by so fast that you lost total track of what you did in a week? I know that it has been several days since I sat at this computer and in the background I hear Fox news Sunday talking about the school shooting. OK that sucked and I am appalled by this shit, but again the topic of gun control is being discussed. Crazy people don’t need guns!!!! Everyday people don’t need AR-whatever they are, our military should only have those!! THIS IS MY OPINION, fuck you if you don’t agree. You have yours and I have mine. Crazy people are not getting the services they need!!!

There are RED FLAGS that crazy people show that they are in distress, if “NORMAL” people would pay attention they could see there is a problem. NO ONE WANTS TO GET INVOLVED UNTIL SOMETHING TRAGIC HAPPENS, then everyone has an opinion. It is a logical especially for those who are so worried that their guns are going to be taken away!!!

I am non-violent and crazy so it is a good idea for me not to have a gun. Considering I have a great imagination so I would not need a gun if I wanted to do something bad. I am not homicidal.

I look at the news, Facebook posts, and I listen to other’s opinion, NO ONE IS ANSWERING THE QUESTION!! WE ALL HAVE OPINIONS, but what are you willing to do to solve the problem? Is it because it’s safe to be in your home protecting your rights to bear arms and your family than it is to be on the front lines asking for change in our MENTAL HEALTH Services, having more stringent rules for background checks to buy guns or just plain old UNITY, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING!!!

It’s Sunday morning, headed for church to what pray for our families thanking God they are safe, but spending the rest of the week forgetting that God even exists. That bad things happen or just being totally apathetic to anything that does not affect your small circle of people in your life?

It pisses me off that the WORLD has become so disconnected, that we will smile at each other, but will walk on the other side of the sidewalk if we see someone that is not like us, that we see an accident and not stop to help for fear of whatever, KISS MY ASS is what I say, I will stop, I will stay on the same side of the sidewalk and smile, maybe I will even say hello smile and shake hands.

I would say proudly that I believe in God and I may be the person that would shield a child from a gunman so they may live!!


How was your week?

I’m ranting now, but I cried for the dead, I cry for our soldiers, I refuse to sit on the sidelines. And I am sick of THE POLITICS OF EVERYTHING!!! No solutions just rhetoric!!

Make your actions match your words

Lunatic Fringe Forever

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