The Blahs

It has been said that living in Missouri if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I can’t stand the cold and the grey skies! I have had headaches and my husband had to guilt me into going to work out today. “You are going to talk yourself out of working out,” Fuck you, I didn’t say it out loud, butĀ  it was screaming in my head. I went, but I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it so much I am probably going to yoga tomorrow.

Anyway, I am getting really tired of Seasonal Effective Disorder. This is the condition that occurs when it has been cold and gloomy, grey and snowy, just plain yucky and you just don’t feel like doing anything. Sleeping is your best friend along with chocolate. I want warm weather and sunshine! Even if I am not a sun goddess, I want warm!! I am tired of the chill. Stupid groundhog!!!

Seasonal Effective Disorder is real, even normal people can experience this phenomenon. (Thank God for spell check.) A person experiences sadness, sometimes to the point of depression, fatigue, changes in eating habits and tiredness. It sucks to be unmotivated. When we as people don’t see the sun for a few days or it’s cold to the point of being stuck in the house you at the point of stir crazy. It has been classified as “Cabin Fever,” no I would like being in a cabin with a fire burning quiet in the middle of no where, reading a book, sipping hot chocolate, wrapped in a warm blanket with my fuzzy slippers. I think someone was trying to give cabins a bad name. It’s a conspiracy. Wait I went too far, the voice made me. No, I have been cold for too long I am delirious! I’m tired and I want warm. FIX IT!!!

The point is that we need to be aware of the possible effects of long winters. Being mindful of each other. Even crazy people have to watch out for each other. I have only shared some possible symptoms of seasonal effective disorder so please be aware of prolonged periods of sadness that are not normal in your life there could be something wrong. Talk to someone; friend, parent or even a professional. Crazy is not an easy road, I may joke, but truly when it begins to interfere with your daily life please ask for help.

Lunatic Fringe Forever!!!

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