Speaking from experience I have first hand knowledge of this subject. One of the interesting things is not truly knowing what is wrong. The doctors spend time talking to discover the true feelings and what types of behaviors are present so they can look in their handy dandy DSM number 4006 for example under what category page number disorder division the patient may fall into then its the course of “treatment” that will be needed to help the patient become Normal? I love it when I went to the hospital and am being “evaluated”and asked the series of questions that are the form questions for all crazy people. How are you feeling on a scale from 1 to 10 rate your depression or anxiety, do you want to harm yourself or someone else? Do you hear voices or see things that are not there, that one gets me because what happens to a suicidal psychic? (Think about it.) I know I live in my nice little world sometimes and that is all good, they know me there.  Trying to be”normal” can really be exhausting.  People have functionality don’t understand that being crazy has it’s really fun moments. I can laugh inappropriately and no one questions it or sneak around the house chasing the cat and meow and know I will be ignored because people who know me expect some unconventional behaviors. I look at it this way if you think I’m crazy be very careful I may surprise you or at the very least keep you guessing.

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