Introduction to the Confessions of a Crazy Person

Hi my name is Felicia and I am “crazy” not to say that is a bad thing, however I was given a diagnosis. There are many of us out there so I decided that it was about time to share the experience with the whole world. That is to give a glimpse into the world of Mental Illness from the eyes of a crazy person to the minds of the People who do not have Mental Illness or those not diagnosed.

I am not going to overwhelm to start off so to clarify this will be a blog for adults. I am very honest and if you are easily offended by strong language, vivid imagery or true emotions this is not for you. I believe that this is an issue that is not being addressed, mental illness is the “flavor of the month” right now, but it is a life long struggle for many. We are not going away even when the new cause comes into the headlines.

I hope that this can be a site that is open to all facing the trials that come with being crazy, and yes I will always use the word crazy in reference to mental illness, I’m not that politically correct ever.

This is just day 1. The fun has just begun and Lord knows the ride could be really cool. I really hope to post every day, but I do have other obligations. Please ask questions, comment, share your own stories and most of all PASS IT AROUND. Crazy isn’t going away and the voices need to be heard!!!! Get it!!!!


One thought on “Introduction to the Confessions of a Crazy Person

  1. Hey Felicia!!

    You have great thoughts! I’m pretty sure someone benefits from your openness and understanding.



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